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LUP FILM is a young Feature Film & TV production company that
focuses on the development, production and distribution of
influential motion pictures, tv formats and commercials that will
withstand the test of time.

LUP FILM is unique in its design because of the ability to diversify its
slate by financing the development of its projects with credible
producers/directors spearheading the projects.

LUP has partnered with a team of executives, producers and
directors who have built first-class reputations by succeeding in
their relative fields.

Furthermore LUP FILM welcomes young potenials who seek to develop
their ideas and concepts with at least one element
(Writer, Director, Talent, Production Financing, Development
(Co-Financing) in place.

In the media business, LUP FILM’s strategy is to establish its position
as a full production house for the development of creative and market
driven feature films and television show formats.

“Never settle for anything less than the maximum potential of your
greatest ability!”

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