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For me "Shadow" is a story about the fact that we can't know
everything at all times, a story roaming at the deep darkness
my past sphere of interest.

When I was a child I was curious about the lives of artists that
I admired and I was reading everything about them. Most of the time
I was confronted with unusual events or I didn't know what to do and
I would keep thinking when I faced their weird manners that I never
expected from them. What did I know about human being? And then
one day I figured out that getting surprised is something that I would
face in every part of life. And when I discovered what that is, it was
unavoidable to confront with different structures of life and unknown
mysteries of people. When I found "Selma and her shadow" it was
the mystery of an enigma.

An inner search between three people, starting as a game. Maybe
posing that it fare forth from love, a journey going trough the abol-
ishing of the human. An essay about the bloody actions of people
that maybe we will never reach, also that I can't predict exactly the
reasons why right away.

"Shadow" is the story of woman, incognito but who can go too far to
end the people's life. A story of a woman full of secrets nevermore
I don't want to believe but who convinces me by showing. Or an essay
of inherent discovers about the guile of the world that we can see...

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